Stingless Bee Cultivation in Guyana: A new interest in an old value chain

  Stingless Bee Webinar for Guyana Beekeepers Blog, March 1-15, 2021 Volunteer, Amy Weeks The subject of stingless bees is extremely fascinating. As a beekeeper in the US and being familiar with other species of honeybees, I falsely assumed that all bees were similar. Stingless bees, however, are strikingly different to honeybees. These differences include their honey storage and production, lifecycle, biology, and management. The lifecycle of stingless bees is so different from that of conventional honeybees that applying common European style beekeeping management techniques would do more harm than good. My webinar series for this Farmer-to-Farmer assignment covered biology, nest structures, and some beginning management techniques for this unique species. In preparing for the assignments, I was fascinated by how many species were discovered and identified in Guyana in the 1930's. Stingless bees are native to Guyana and make up an important part of their cultural and natural